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The Outer Banks is a great family get away without the heavy traffic as miles and miles of beach give ample room for plenty.

  • Restaurants - Nag's Head and it's surrounds offer many amazing places to each including some that have stared on Food Network TV shows.
  • Locations - The Outer Banks has miles of open Beachs, Museums, theaters, special shops and more to enjoy.
  • Events - During the summer period many fairs, festivles and events are held through the area. Check in to see whats upcoming!

Upcoming Events

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We have many alternative places to visit to have a great time!


Home to museums like the Wright Brothers National Memorial, and Roanoke Island Festival Park.


Since this area is also residental it makes a easy acsess family enviorment filled with parks for kids.


Beaches varying from public to private aloud for multiple places to enjoy the water.


The Outer banks offers over 30 put-put and golfing locations for the whole family.

There is no better place to be than where the waves hit your feet and the sand is your seat.

Take a look at featured resturants

The Outer Banks is known for it's many amazing food location. Many of them have made their way onto popular TV shows such as Drive In, Dinners and Dives.

Weekly Deals


$400 / trip

  • 3 days 2 nights
  • Aquarium Passes
  • Located Right on the Water

Week Vacation

$800 / trip

  • 8 days 7 nights
  • Aquarium Passes
  • Located Right on the Water

Two Week Trip

$1,500 / trip

  • 14 days 13 nights
  • Aquarium Passes
  • Located Right on the Water

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